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  • Is there a minimum order?
    Yes. Our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is $200, less shipping. From The Valley specialize in assisting small and micro businesses so we always endeavor to keep our MOQ as low as possible to accommodate this. You will be required to meet the MOQ in your cart for us to be able to process your order for shipping.
  • What if I don't meet the MOQ?
    You do not need to reach the Minimum Order Quantity to proceed with your order. Simply click the "add to open basket" at check out and we will open up a basket for you here in our warehouse. Once you have reached the MOQ we will invoice you your shipping fee via email and get your items sent out to you. This is also a great option if you have a basket open with us from our social media sales and want to add a few things without having to start a new minimum order!
  • Reaching MOQ
    From The Valley operates in a way that focuses on helping small business, which means we have some options to suit everyone! Website MOQ When ordering from the website, you will be required to reach the minimum order of $200 in order to ship your order. We also have an open basket option which you can read more about in our "What If I Don't Reach Minimum Order" tab. We have the most Buy Now Pay Later options available when ordering via our website. Social Media MOQ If you don't or can't order the full MOQ amount in one go, then social media ordering it the option for you! When ordering via social media, we don't require members to achieve the full minimum order of $200 in one order. From The Valley allows members to add to their basket and pay as they go and once your total reached MOQ we will ship! For example, if you want to claim a tower worth $15, we will invoice you the $15 (subject to Invoice Policy rules), add it to your basket and keep it open for you until you find another $175 worth of items you like! You can take your time to find the perfect pieces too, as we allow basket to stay open for up to six weeks. We do this so that members with micro businesses can build up their basket as funds become available and so that we don't have people feeling like they have to add items they don't particularly want just to meet minimum order. Whether ordering on a live sale, via comments or 1:1 this option is available! In-person MOQ Our in-person MOQ rules are the same as our social media rules, however we definitely recommend that members come to their appointment ready and willing to reach MOQ so that they don't have to leave without their items!
  • How long can I keep my basket open?
    Baskets may remain open for up to 6 weeks, provided all invoices are paid up-to-date and all Terms and Conditions have been followed. After 6 weeks, the basket is subject to relisting without further notice. Please see "Invoicing Details" for more information.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept regular debit and credit card payments as well as Afterpay, Klana (Pending), Paypal Pay-in-4 and Paypal.
  • How do I join?
    From The Valley is a wholesale business, meaning that we only sell to retail businesses who purchase our items to stock their shops. As we are not open to the public, we do require all members to have a valid Australian Business Number (ABN) to be eligible to order from us. ABNs are completely free and take very little time to acquire! We also require your name, address, phone, email and business name. All of your personal information is protected under our Privacy Policy which you can read further down the page. We have set up an automated system through this website that will collect your information and send it to us for approval. We then manually approve or deny each request based on the information provided. Don't have an ABN? Here's the link to get one!
  • Does From The Valley have social media pages?
    We sure do! From The Valley has a private Instagram and Facebook account which we use to run live sales, post items and share our Mineralogy knowledge. We definitely recommend joining!
  • Is your web stock and social media stock the same?
    Yes and no. When we receive in a new shipment, we divvy up the stock between the two options. So for example, if we receive 10kg of Moss Agate towers, we will put 5kg on the website and 5 kg for social media meaning whilst you may be able to buy Moss Agate towers both via web and social media, the individual pieces offered are not the same. When it comes to the special pieces like statements, specimens and on-off, they will be available over both platforms.
  • Can I combine MOQ with my open order from a live/socials sale and a web order?
    Yes! Our brand new "add to open basket" option at the check out allows you to add to your basket little by little if you cannot commit to the full MOQ in one hit. Once you have reached MOQ we will send you an invoice via email for your shipping fee.
  • What if i select a shipping option when my basket total is less than $200?
    Please only select Signature On Delivery or Express Post if your basket totals $200 or more. If your total is less than $200, select the "Add to My Open Basket" option. You will later be invoiced the shipping fee via email when you reach MOQ. If you do select and pay for shipping without reaching the MOQ of $200, your basket will be kept open and not shipped until the MOQ is reached either via web order or social media order. We will not charge a secondary shipping fee.
  • How much is shipping?
    Our shipping rates are calculated based on the weight and size of the package. Our rates stared at $17.49 and almost all of our shipping fees remain under $30. At the checkout, you will see your shipping calculation. You will also be given the option to add $2.99 for a 'signature on delivery' option. If you choose not to pay the extra fee, the package will be left in a safe place by the couriers.
  • Do you offer free shipping on order over a certain value?
    YES! We offer Free Shipping on orders over $1,000 in a single order for Australian Residents.
  • What countries do you ship to?
    Currently, we ship to Australia, New Zealand, US, UK and Canada.
  • Terms and Conditions
    All persons who have a From The Valley website account and/or are members of our social media pages are required to adhere to all of the rules and policies as outlined in this FAQ section. By being in our social media groups and website lists, you are agreeing to abiding by our rules and regulations. Any persons acting outside of our policies and regulations may face one or more of the following actions: - Banishment from From The Valley and its affiliated businesses - Debt collection action - legal action Previous members of From The Valley who have since left or been removed are still subject to legal action and debt collection processes if deemed necessary by From The Valley. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our policies, please email us at
  • Shipping Policy
    All of our packages are shipped with Aramex, a third party courier service. We do not have any affiliation with Aramex. Our shipping costs reflect the charges dictated by Aramex and From The Valley does not profit from shipping fees. Our shipping costs begin at $20.49 and are calculated based on the size and weight of the package. By default, all orders are shipped with the 'Signature on Delivery' option. You will need to organise someone to be at the address to sign for your package. If you miss the delivery, it is your responsibility to organise collection or redelivery with the shipping company. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that their address is correct on the invoices received. If the shipping address on the invoice does not reflect your correct address, you are required to notify us within 24hours of receiving your invoice. If you change your postal address in our website, you are required to notify us of the change of address within 24hrs of the update. If the member does not notify us of their change of address and a package is sent to the wrong address, it is the responsibility of the member to organise redelivery and pay any associated fees as set by the shipping company. Once the package leaves our warehouse, From The Valley is no longer responsible for it, nor are we liable for and damages or lost packages. As stated, Aramex is a third party service so any shipping related issues need to be addressed with Aramex. From The Valley cannot assist you with courier information. However, if issues do arise, we would like to be made aware. Please email Packages will be automatically shipped once payment is processed. If you would like to keep your basket open, please notify us as within 2 hours of making the payment via the email listed above.
  • Refund and Returns Policy
    If you have a problem with your package, please email within 72 hours of receiving your items outlining any issues. All refund requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. What do we consider refunds for: If an item is damaged If an item does not match the description If an item is faulty If an item does not meet expectations The customer providing the wrong details impleading processing and/or delivery What don't we consider refunds for: Change of mind Items not meeting Metaphysical expectations Items damaged after leaving our possession Items that were described as damaged at time of purchase From The Valley do the best to provide accurate details of our products. We request that members allow a margin for human error when it comes to measurements. We also request that members be aware that colours may vary slightly due to different screen settings on devices. All measurements are taken from the largest points.
  • Social Media Policy
    From The Valley runs several social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. The accounts are run by several staff members and all staff have access to any DMs, comments, emails, etc. All personal information provided via social media is subject to our Privacy Policy. Being a member of our social media platforms means the following; - All member will treat staff with respect at all times - Abuse, slurs, threats or generally poor behaviour will not be tolerated - All members or our social media pages agree to any and all policy's as outlines in this FAQ section of the website - Members are not to share personal information of other member or staff outside of the groups - Members are not to send friend requests or private DMs to our staffs personal social media accounts - Members are not to share From The Valley pricing outside of the groups
  • Mobile App and Subscriptions Policy
    All mobile app mineralogy content is available via subscription service. Members have the option of selecting month to month or yearly subscriptions. All subscriptions are final and From The Valley will not waive payment for any reason. Failure to make payment may result in banishment from From The Valley and any affiliated businesses, debt collections and reports to public non-payer forums. Business Savvy plans include not less than $200 worth of stock and shipping costs. Subscription boxes are automatically sent on the 1st of every month until cancelled. Members may make adjustments to their subscriptions at any time where applicable via the website or app under the members 'my subscriptions' tab. Our Mobile App has been carefully curated by a certified Gemologist and all information is true and accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publish. Our information was created with the help of the following resources; -Nature Guide, Rocks and Minerals - The Firefly Guide to Minerals, Rocks and Gems - Handbooks Rocks and Minerals - - - - any posts shared via social media will use the same resources as mentioned above unless otherwise specified.
  • Copyright Policy
    All Mineralogy-based information shared within From The Valley's private groups is permitted to be shared outside of the groups provided that; - No From The Valley logos or watermarks are removed - From The Valley is referenced as the original creator of the information - The information provided is not edited or reworded in anyway and the posts are shared in their entirety and as originally intended - References provided by From The Valley in original posts are not removed - Only posts shared on Facebook or Instagram are permitted to be shared. Subscription-based app posts are not permitted to be shared outside of its original source
  • Ordering Policy
    Live Sale information Currently, From The Valley runs one live sale a week. This usually takes place on a Tuesday at 5pm NSW time and alternates between Instagram and Facebook. Members who claim on social media live sales are subject to the following rules and regulations - Members must claim with the grid number (eg, A1 or Claim A1) - Where there is no grid number, members must claim with the item price in full (eg, $7.32 or Claim $7.32) - Members are aware that any and all claims made are final and we do not accept basket changes to keep it fair for staff and other members - Members are aware that screens may show comments in different orders and that the claim decision is based on what the From The Valley staff member sees on their screen Ordering via Social Media Members are welcome to order via social media outside of live sales. We try to post items daily with photos, prices and an accurate decision. Members are welcome to comment on these posts to claim items or DM us to claim. We do our best to keep posts up to date by marking "SOLD" next to the items as they are claimed. However please be aware that as items move quickly, sometimes we miss marking items. Any orders made via comment or DM claims are final. We do not adjust baskets after claims. Private Shopping We offer one-on-one appointments at From The Valley. Members who are unable to make live sales or with to have a personalized experience can book a timeslot to have an appointment with one of our staff members. We offer 1:1 Facetime calls and 1:1 DMing for those who prefer to text! All 1:1 appointments are subject to the same policies as dictated above. To book an appointment, just DM us or email us at In-person Appointments We love visitors! All in-person appointments are done via appointment only. Please DM us or email us to secure an appointment. Our current order processing time is 1-3 business days. Priority shipping orders are processed within 24hrs.
  • Invoicing Policy
    We are very strict on our payment policies. All orders placed outside of the website will be payable via invoice. From The Valley will send you an invoice within 24 business hours of your claim. All invoices are to be paid within 48 hours of receipt. Invoices are final and will not be adjusted to please claim responsibly. Failure to comply with our invoicing policy may result in the following: - Banishment from From The Valley and its affiliated businesses - Your basket being resold without further notice - Debt collection action to recover the costs of the business Overdue invoices will incur a dishonor fee. A fee of $10/day will be applied once invoices flag as overdue (48hrs after being sent). After 5 days, the basket will be relisted, the member will be removed and reported to non-payers pages. Refunds will not be offered for any previously purchased items still in the possession of From The Valley as we attempt to recoup the money lost by the non-payment. Furthermore, baskets that have not met MOQ by the 6 week cut off will be subject to relisting without further notice. This means that From The Valley reserves the right to relist your basket and sell the items in it in an attempt to recoup the costs lost from the basket not meeting minimum order. Previously purchased items are non-refundable and the member understands that not meeting the 6 week closed basket date may result in them losing their paid for items. We understand that life happens and unexpected things pop up. Please, in the event that you are having trouble completing your order, send us an email at so that we can assist you. Ignoring us is not the answer. Invoices can be paid with credit card, debit card or Afterpay.
  • Privacy Policy
    We securely store all of our members personal information. All personal and private information provided by members is strictly confidential and will never be shared outside of the business with the exception of relevant third party services such as Aramex and Afterpay.
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